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The smartest way to manage your barcodes

Embedded in Dynamics 365 Business Central


barcodes per month

15 different
barcode types

Server-side generation of barcodes 

designed to be easy to use

What We Offer

Our API is created to be used by everyone.
It's easy to use and easy to extend.
It's a modern and fast
(high-performance) API to create barcodes of 15 specific types.

Why Choose BEYONDBarcodes

vCard, meCard
QR Code

Do you want to use electronic (or virtual) business cards like vCard or meCard?
It's already integrated.

Easy Setup

You can easily set up any table by using the "Barcode Setup" Page.

Many Barcode

We support currently 15 different Barcode types. CODE39, CODE128, UPC, EAN and many more.

Easy to extend

You or your Microsoft Partner can easily extend our  BEYONDBarcode App.

2022-02-06 23_58_42-Edit - Barcode Setup - Dynamics 365 Business Central.png
2022-02-07 00_49_54-Edit - Item Card - Dynamics 365 Business Central.png

Use it anywhere you like


Great App, easy to use
at low costs.
This is how it should work!

Jens Norden

General Manager,
Henning Dierk GmbH

We are happy about using
Dynamics 365 Business Central with these labels for our products.
katja and jan.png

Katja & Jan

General Manager,
Löwels Feinkost

Storing Barcodes and QR Codes as MediaSets in Dynamics 365 Business Central has never been easier.

Daniel Gorski

General Manager,

The Possibilities Are Endless



  • How can I extend it for my own needs?
    We've prepared some examples on Github to see how easy it is: Do you need more API calls? Buy our monthly package twice. Implement it whereever you want. Regardless of the platform and development environment. Feel free to contact us.
  • Do I need the App from Appsource?
    Basically not if you want to build an app on your own. See our example on github: All you need is a token from our side.
  • I am a Microsoft Partner and I want to sell barcodes to my customers
    This our common scenario. You can buy 1.000.000 API calls for 35€/per month and split the calls and charge your customers on your own. Our API has some administration calls to split a token into many. You can define for each token which capacity should be used. So you can create your own tokens to sell it for your customers. One customer gets 100.000 calls - the other one just 10.000. Feel free to contact us!
  • I've got some Ideas to make BeyondBarcodes better!
    Perfect! Let's discuss these Ideas. We'd love to hear your feedback
  • Do you also create customized apps?
    Yes! Just drop us a message and we would like to help you.
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